I’m Joan. I’m a iOS developer,
mobile consultant & startup lover.

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About Me

I'm an accomplished iOS developer with more than 7 years of experience in the industry, and with a curious eye for design.

I'm a doer, a self-starter, and passionate about everything I do. My love for startups shows in my resume, and has given me the opportunity to get involved both within areas of product as well as technical.

I' an optimist, always working on side projects, learning, and chasing my dreams.

My Latest Work

Mindful Affirmations

The Project

Mindful Affirmations is an app to help reduce stress and build a positive mindset. By the habit of listening and recording a series of positive affirmations, the app can train your mind to change your way of thinking.

My Role

This started as a side project together with my partner, my role was developing the iOS app and the backend.


Swift, Node.JS, Mongo, Firebase.


The Project

Once is a quality dating app, aiming to create a better opportunity for singles to meet someone properly.

My Role

I was Lead iOS Developer working in London. My main role was to migrate from an MVC architecture to MVVM + Coordinators. I was responsible of implementing the automatic renewal subscription plus a bunch of new features.


Swift. I used Buddybuild for our Continuos Integration and Continuous Deployment.

PPL Exams

The Project

PPL Exams is an app helping pilot students to study, practice and pass their ground exams.

My Role

Maker and developer. I did everything here, from the logo and screenshots to the whole code. It’s done in MVVM and supports offline.


Xcode, Swift.


The Project

Pickable is a dating app focused on giving the power to women by being completely anonymous in the platform. Pickable was featured by Apple as App of the day in several countries. 

My Role

I was Lead iOS Developer working remotely from Barcelona. This was a greenfield project, so my responsibilities included define the architecture and language, put in place the coding styling guide and code all features and unit tests.


Written in Swift and using ReSwift for the data flow architecture. The architecture was MVVM with Coordinators, with the app separated by different modules using dynamic frameworks and private pods.

The Mobile Bakery

The Project

The Mobile Bakery was a mobile agency I co-founded with two other partners, which focuses on guiding companies and introducing them to the mobile world. It makes strategy, marketing, design and development for other businesses. We were one of the first mobile focused agencies in Barcelona.

My Role

Cofounder and iOS developer. Responsible of budgeting, developing and maintaining a big portfolio of different apps from all our clients.


Objective-C, management, communication.

Other Projects


A fashion app. I was the sole iOS Engineer during the project, using Objective-C, Trello, Git.


Car Throttle is the largest video publisher in the automotive industry worldwide, with over 200 million monthly views. Lead iOS Developer. I developed the app from scratch, using Objective-C and MVC architecture.

BuzzMove Pro / BuzzVault

Lead iOS developer. The app was initially done by an external agency, I did all the transfer and the audit to verify everything agreed on the contract was done.

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